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Kindani Eyewear
Introducing Kindani, the little elephant that inspired our brand.


Our Collection draws inspiration from all continents, cultures and generations. It combines world-class craftsmanship with advanced manufacturing methods, embracing rich materials, bold geometric shapes and an exuberance in attitude. The result is eyewear that elegantly blends motifs from nature with modern sensibility.

We dare to think outside the box to give shape to our idea of luxury. A creative, authentic and sustainable luxury, offering surprising yet genuine eyewear which offers everyone an opportunity to express their own unique personality.


Kindani glasses are all designed, developed and produced in Cadore, Veneto, the heartland of eyewear manufacturing in northern Italy.

Kindani Eyewear

It was on 15 March 1878 when Angelo Frescura signed the contract which marked the birth of the first eyewear company in Cadore.

Frescura was born in 1841 in Rizzios, Calalzo di Cadore, into the so called “pettenèr” family of artisans who made bovine horn combs.

Today, the tradition of handmade frames lives on. Thanks to the experience of Kindani craftsmen, we create products of the highest quality, unique and impossible to imitate.

Think Local

It’s certainly not news that the most skilled craftsmen in the eyewear world are Italian.

For centuries the northernmost lands of Italy have been the homeland of products renowned for their excellence. Not surprising then that Kindani chose Cadore as its headquarters.

Act Global

Kindani is synonymous with excellence. Our brand speaks to all those who recognise and love beauty .

We think big and know no barriers. We create products that often require innovative techniques and rare materials. If we didn’t dream as much as our customers, we wouldn’t be able to win their trust.

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